Sunday, January 10, 2016

Amber: You! Don't move!!! (Nathaniel Route)

Amber: You! Don't move!!!
A. (I was going to go home and here's Amber coming at me in a fury!)
Amber: All of this is your fault! I hope you're happy! I've been suspended for several days, you better watch out, you are going to regret it when I get back!
A. You are the one who's been totally out of line since the beginning!
Amber: Wh..What?! Watch, you are going to regret this right now!
A. (She's about to slap me!!!)
(I saw a shadow pass in front of me. It was Nathaniel who intervened and grabbed his sister.)
Nathaniel: What are you doing now?! I'm fed up with your antics, you are going to calm down right now and go straight home, got it?!
(Amber was speechless for a couple of seconds then spun away from us without a word... I doubt she's ever seen her brother like that either.)
A. Wow... Th...thanks...
Nathaniel: Are you ok? I'm glad I got here in time. You should go home, you never know, she might change her mind and come back. (He left.)