Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dajan - "I lost my necklace!"

Dajan: I lost my necklace! I put it on the bench with my towel and bottle of water and it's disappeared!

A. What necklace? If you were more careful with your things, that wouldn't happen. (Affinity: -7) [ends]

B. A necklace? Do you need help? (Affinity: +4) [ends] Find Amber in Classroom A (you might have to go in and out a couple of times, but she's definitely there) and then click two lockers down from the open locker.

C. A necklace? I can help you look, but it won't be for free. (Affinity: -21) [ends] If you find the necklace, Dajan gives you $20 if you choose this option.



  1. Thanks for thing one thing I had trouble with that took me two days to do.

  2. ok thanks but i tryed and nothing happend becasue i wasted atleast 12 days of aps and its really sucks

  3. i clicked it and it closed!!!
    what now

    1. it was added it just closed because you closed the locker, you should still have the necklace

  4. My candy love is a terrible game. The "action points" stop you from actually being able to play the game because you use them all up before anything happens. And I also clicked the locker and it shut. This is probably the most horrible game I've ever played and I don't know why I still play it.

  5. when you touch the locker and it closes the neckless will be in your inventory

  6. UGH THANKS! I WAS LOOKIN FOR THE NECKLACE! -.- I hate My Candy Love its T-E-R-R-I-B-I-L-E. I hate the AP points part

  7. Replies
    1. Check your inventory. If it's not in there, then I suggest going somewhere else and then returning to the locker and see if it's open then.