Ep. 3


❖Find the collar, leash and toy, then find the dog Kiki
❖Catch Kiki and take him to the principal.
❖The toy, collar and leash are not enough, find a way to lure Kiki to you!
❖Go see if your help is needed in the club

If in Gardening Club:  

❖Find Iris and return the box of seeds to Jade.
❖Buy sagebrush seeds and take them to Jade.
❖Another mission is waiting for you in your club!
❖Find Jade's notebook and take it back to him.


"Hi, so... Did it work out with the absentee note in the end?" (User-Initiated)


"Hey, ...umm...did you get everything worked out with your absentee note?" (User-Initiated)


"Hey, hi, are you the one in charge of the gardening club? Its pitiful, the flowers are all wilting!"
"Hey! NAME, do you know Iris? I was told that she took with her the box of seeds that was for the club."
"There you are, do you have the box?"
"You haven't finished yet?" (User-Initiated)
" I haven't finished watering the plants yet... If you're not in the gardening club by accident, you should be able to tell me in what order I should water the plants, from the most fragile to the most hardy."

Correct Outfit Choice: The yellow one-shouldered tee with green rubber boots.


"Hi! Are you in the basketball club?"
"This is a cool high school."
"Did you find something for me to drink?"
"I lost my necklace! I put it on the bench with my towel and bottle of water and it's disappeared!"
Oh, if you're in the basketball club, you must have some favorite players? Who are they?

Correct Outfit Choice: The red jersey with jeans, and red boots. $82


"Hahaha, so you even scared Ken off?!"
"So, granny lost her dog. I bet you're the one who has to find him, isn't that right?"


"Hey NAME, I forgot to ask you, did your friend Ken have to move suddenly?"
"Did you remember about the seeds?" (User-Initiated)


(I was about to say goodbye to Ken when I was distracted by a little dog running across the courtyard, then Ken was gone.) (User-Initiated)

Auntie's Gifts:

❖Belly-Button Piercing


  1. This is suuuuper useful, thanks a bunch for making this!

    Is there any way for people to assist in making the walkthrough? Like take a screen shot & list their LoM results for the choice they made, etc? I'd love to contribute.

    On that note, here's the last clothing choice for ep 3! The outfit for Jade is the yellow one shoulder tee and green rubber boots. ^_^

  2. @Nyx: What a great idea! 8D I actually would like some contribution, but I was just a bit hesitant about whether or not the affinities would be correct. I shall make a page so people can have a chance to contribute, and see that Jade's outfit is added to the Episode 3 tab! ^^ Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. If you run into Jade before you catch Kiki, you'll ask him about Kiki, and he'll reply with something about hoping Kiki won't ruin the plants, choose option "B". Option "A" is terrible xD

  4. If you're trying to get the belly-button piercing from Auntie, try to get her towards the end of the episode, or she might give you cash or APs(I made several accounts for each character and it happened to one of them XD). Also, she is most likely to appear at your club, so don't go bother yourself going through the whole school just to find her(which I on one of my accounts XD).